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Language + Internships

Canadian Experience Programs (CEP)

Learning a language is about more than just in-class studies. To truly help you immerse yourself in Canadian and Quebecois culture, M.I.I.L.A. offers you 3 different types of ‘Canadian Experience Programs’ (CEP).

Our CEP programs include full-time volunteering in the community, touring workplaces and learning first hand about different careers, and finally working and staying on a farm. These 3 programs are called ‘Voluntern’, ‘Career Tours’ and ‘Farmstay’.

CEP programs can be done part-time during your studies, full time during a study break, or full-time after you finish studies. All programs are available in English and French.

Programs at a Glance


Program Voluntern Career Tour Farmstay
Description Full time, Project-based Volunteering 2 – 3 hours tours in a Canadian company 2-4 week stays at a family farm, see nature up close
Benefits Amazing resume building experience, give back to the community Learn more about a workplace, great add on to studies Free room and board, first hand understanding of nature
Requirements English or French at lower intermediate level or above; aged 18 and above English or French at lower intermediate level or above; aged 16 and above English or French at lower intermediate level or above; aged 18 and above; physically fit with no major allergies
Durations Full or part time, 4 to 16 weeks Single tours last between 1 and 4 hours 2 weeks – 4 weeks full time
Placement Options Project based placements in your field of study or work; all are done at federally registered charities in community service, the environment, or wildlife protection Most students choose a custom tour, and are matched with a company that is close to their field of interest. Package tours available in: Arts and Culture,Business, Culinary Arts, Engineering, Nature and Environment, Sports Work at a vineyard, ranch, family farm, or craft farm
Location Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria Montreal Rural region of Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and BC
Languages English / French/ Bilingual English / French English / French


Career Tours Program

Program Description

Career Tours is a unique add-on to your studies, in which you have the opportunity to tour a Canadian company, ask questions, and learn more about a certain career. Whether you’re interested in aerospace, film, chocolate making, or finance – you can take a tour that will help increase your understanding of the field – while also practicing your English or French-language skills.

Tours can be done individually, or as part of a group. When you book a Career Tour, we will talk to you to find out your career interests, and then they will build a tour to match that. Each tour takes about 2 hours, and includes a guided visit of a workplace, a talk by a professional in your chosen field, and a question and answer session. All tours take place during your period of studies, in the afternoons.

If you’re not sure what type of tour you would like to do, there are several pre-packaged options available including:

Tour Options:

● Arts and Culture Tour
● Business tour
● Culinary Tour
● Engineering Tour
● Nature and Environment Tour
● Sports Tour


● English or French at a lower intermediate level or above
● Aged 18 and above for individual tours

At a Glance

● Half Day, Full Day, or recurring observation tours of Canadian companies
● Primarily observation­based with some hands­on work
● All placements are unpaid
● Tours available for individuals or groups
● 6 Packaged tour options available. Customized tours available on request
● Transportation not included. Tour leader included.
● All tours available in (English and French)
● 6 weeks in 
advance of their desired start date.


Farmstay Program

Program Description

Canada is defined by it’s wild and untouched nature – and the Farmstay program lets you go out into that nature, and experience it first-hand. In Farmstay, you will be matched with a Canadian farming family and go and live and work on their farm for between 2 weeks and 4 weeks. There you’ll get to care for and experience animals and enjoy the freshest food Canada has to offer, right out of the ground.

 Farmstay placements are done during a break from studies, or after your period of studies is completed. When you join farmstay you will be matched with a family in a vineyard, ranch, family farm, or craft farm in a rural area of Canada – away from all the major cities.

 While farmstay is unpaid, your farmstay host family will provide you with free accommodation in their home, and all your meals.

At a Glance

● Farm work and accommodation placements can be done in French in Quebec, or in English in Ontario, Alberta, or BC.
● All placements are isolated, far from cities, and students will not be able to commute from a city to their farmstay
● Minimum placement is 2 weeks, maximum placement is 4 weeks with a visitor’s visa. Longer placements (at a single homestay or consecutive) are not available.
● All placements are unpaid.
● Students are required to work between 15 and 25 hours per week to help offset the cost of their stay.
● Students must be registered at least 6 weeks in advance of their start date.
● 6 types of placement to choose from ­ all on family farms
● Placements available year round at most locations, apart from a December/January blackout period.
● Register at least 6 weeks in advance of your desired start date.
● Students must be physically able to perform farm work (this includes being able to lift 20kg)
● No animal or wild grass or pollen allergies
● English or French at a lower intermediate level or above
● Age 18 and above

NB: Students wishing to work with horses must have previous experience, as must students wishing to work with machinery

Placement Options

● Vegetable / Fruit Farm : Small farms specializing in mixed vegetables or fruits. Includes orchards.
● Poultry Farm : Farms raising chickens, turkeys, and geese.
● Arts/Crafts / Artisanal Food Processing : Farms specializing in production of small 
craft foods or craft products like certain types of jam, or specialized lamb, or heirloom 
● Mixed Farms (animals and produce) : These are typical ‘family’ farms that students 
would be used to seeing in TV and movies. They include a small collection of animals, 
and a medium sized patch of crops.
● Ranches : Cowboy placements, usually done on a small guest ranch. Occasionally 
done on larger cattle ranches. Students must have experience with horses.
● Vineyards : Small hobby vineyards producing regional wines.




Voluntern is a term created to describe a special type of project-based, full-time unpaid Volunteering that is done at federally registered charities. Students who take a Voluntern placement can work on dozens of different types of projects customized to match their interests or education/work background.

Past Voluntern students have done human resources projects, financial management projects, environmental engineering research, community outreach marketing, and much more. Placements are done in Montreal (fr/en/bilingual), Quebec City (fr), Ottawa (en/bilingual), Toronto (en), Calgary (en), Vancouver (en), and Victoria (en).

 Combine any course of studies at M.I.I.L.A., with a full-time Voluntern placement of between 4 weeks and 16 weeks. This type of experience is an excellent way to test the language skills you built at school, and prove that you can function in an English or French-speaking workplace.


The Voluntern program has very open and flexible requirements and can adapt to accept all participants.

The three key requirements of Voluntern are:
• Students must speak English or French at an intermediate level or above
• Aged 18 and above
• Wilderness placement students must be physically fit as the work can be strenuous
• Students must be able to participate in the Voluntern program for at least 20 hours per week, and must be able to financially support themselves for the duration of the placement

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