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Canadian Visa Information

Canadian Visa Information

 Immigration-Quebec and Immigration-Canada determine the rules and regulations for visas which are subject to change. It is important that you always double-check the information with Immigration-Quebec in Montreal and with your nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate.


For stays in Canada of six (6) months or less

1- Visitor visa:

Please visit the following website to find out whether or not you will need a visitor visa (or TRP – Temporary Resident Permit) to enter Canada: Once MIILA receives a complete Registration Form and initial payment, we will provide a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) which can be presented to Immigration-Canada at the point of entry in Canada (e.g. airport, border). The Visitor Visa can be directly issued at the point of entry for a period of up to 6 months.

2- Study Permit:

This visa is not required, but is recommended for students who may wish to extend their studies in Canada over the 6-month period. A Study Permit can be extended from within Canada, but cannot be obtained from within Canada. In order to apply for a Study Permit, the international student will first need a CAQ – Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec*.

For stays in Canada of more than six (6) months

1- CAQ* and Study Permit:

A CAQ and a Study Permit will be required. You must first apply for a CAQ**. Once your CAQ has been issued, Immigration-Quebec will send you a copy of it so you can apply for your Study Permit from within your country of origin. Please note that Study Permit applications automatically include the processing of a Visitor visa – TRP (if required). The average delay to obtain both a CAQ and a Study Permit is approximately eight (8) weeks. Make sure that your passport, CAQ and Study Permit are always valid by renewing them at least 2 to 3 months before their expiration dates.

*The CAQ is known as the “Quebec student visa”. It is necessary to get a CAQ before applying for a Study Permit. All CAQ applications must be submitted to the CAQ Office in Montreal with all the required documents. It takes approximately four (4) weeks to obtain a CAQ.

**M.I.I.L.A. can assist with the CAQ application, free of charge, by assisting you with the online application and by submitting your documents to the CAQ Office on your behalf directly from Montreal, provided that we have received all the required documents from you. Should a document be missing, your application could be delayed or refused.

It is wise to plan a study trip to Canada at least two (2) months in advance, in the case you need to apply for a CAQ and a Study Permit. Delays can vary, depending on the period of the year.

More information can be found on the following websites:

Please note that M.I.I.L.A. cannot and will not interfere with the CAQ Office’s or any Canadian Embassy or Consulate’s decisions on visa approvals or denials. M.I.I.L.A. does not have any control over the issuance of visas, and is not authorized to retrieve information on your behalf (other than the CAQ, only if we have a consent form allowing us to do so).

Medical Insurance

Quebec regulation requires that all international students be covered by a health insurance plan that meets government standards. M.I.I.L.A. offers you the possibility to subscribe to a complete medical insurance plan for the low price of CAD $2.50 per day. This plan covers emergency hospital and medical expenses, most prescription drugs, paramedical practitioners, and visits to a dentist in emergency cases. This customized health insurance plan allows you to rest assured that, should anything happen, you will be well taken care of. Only students who present a valid proof of medical coverage from their country that is also valid in Canada during their stay will be exempt from purchasing our medical insurance.